We invite you to walk with us through the Valley of Guadalupe.

For our part we do not tire of touring these beautiful lands of the Guadalupe Valley and therefore we want to share with you this incomparable experience, during our tour we visited several wine producers where we will contemplate beautiful landscapes of vineyards and olive trees surrounded by mountains.

You can enjoy our Tours in the 1 day modalities, but if you prefer to visit the valley for 2 days we have a tour that includes accommodation in our hotel.

Our tours include:

• Tasting of young wines in 3 wine houses: Cielo, Las Nubes and Barón Balché.

• 4-course meal at Fuego Restaurant & Lounge

• Complimentary horseback ride.

• Refreshments in the unit.

• Transportation with departure and return from Tijuana to Valle de Guadalupe.


We have 2 executive van with capacity for 14 passengers each, and we leave on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want a trip for a private group or a special date we can assist you in the organization. Please reserve your place with time.

In wine houses we have the opportunity to delve into their cellars and tasting rooms to learn the secrets with which they produce the best wine from Mexico. During your visit you have the possibility of buying organic products from the region such as jams, cheeses, handmade bread and olive oil.

In the afternoon, after an arduous day of sightseeing, we will visit the Fuego Restaurant Lounge, which has a kitchen and an unbeatable flavor whose cuisine is rustic and seasonal, highlighting the flavor of the product and the freshness of it.